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Analysis. Insight. Up to the minute awareness of available solutions to diagnosed problems. Powered by a vibrant optimism tempered only by the familiarity with negative realities of our times which potentially sabotage success. Sean is committed to be a student of technology. The counter weight is his unrelenting emphasis on opening lines of communication and building relationships. Put another way, PCG has both the nuts & bolts aspect and psychological perspective (dealing with staff and clientele) for a balanced consulting approach. PCG has helped us lay foundations and address immediate matters. Our experience has been a consistently good one. The genuine concern for our continued growth is evident and continuous regardless of changes in the specific terms of our business relationship. We appreciate the flexible approach. We recommend PCG highly. 

Steven Sylvester, DDS

About Us

Sean Field


We are Patrick Consulting Group, Inc. We are a Dental Performance Firm that specializes in helping dental offices increase their case acceptance rates and acquire more of the comprehensive dentistry in their practice. We are known for getting the patient past the paradigm of "I only want what my insurance covers", encouraging them to pay up front for their entire comprehensive treatment which allows you to work the credit off of the account at your convenience.